Shaun Boe, PhD, MPT

Dr. Boe is a Professor at Dalhousie University in the School of Physiotherapy. His research is focused in the area of neuroscience and rehabilitation, with a strong focus on the fundamental understanding and use of motor imagery.

Read more about Dr. Boe here.

Lara Boyd, PT, PhD

Dr. Boyd is a Professor at UBC, in the Department of Physical Therapy. Her research is focused on the neurobiology of motor learning and neural science of stroke recovery.

Read more about Dr. Boyd and the Brain Behavior Lab here.

Cornelia Frank, PhD

Dr. Frank is head of the Sports and Movement Group, Osnabrück University. Her research is focused on the cognition and the learning of motor actions combines perspectives from Movement Science, Sport Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Experimental Psychology.

Read more about Dr. Frank and the Sports and Movement Group here.

Nicola Hodges, PhD

Dr. Hodges is a Professor at UBC, in the School of Kinesiology. Her research is focused on how and why various practice variables, such as instruction, feedback and order of practice, impact motor learning and transfer.

Read more about Dr. Hodges and the Motor Skills Lab here.

Jennifer Jakobi, PhD

Dr. Jakobi is a Professor at UBCO, in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences. Her research is focused on understanding how the neuromuscular system is altered with age, and development of programs that focus on maintaining functional independence in older adults.

Read more about Dr. Jakobi here.

Tareq Yousef, PhD

Dr. Yousef is a Lecturer at UBCO, in the Department of Psychology. He has a deep interest in learning and teaching neuroanatomy that has contributed to involvement in research on processing in the early visual system, with the goal to combine these passions with assessments of human CNS function and imaging.